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I have spent an entire life wanting, wishing, and dreaming of being a writer. There has never been anything I wanted more than to entertain the world with stories I have written, whether they be fiction, autobiographical, or political. This is where I bring these things to you.

A little bit about who I am first, I suppose. I love drinking (too much actually, and when you read these stories you will probably understand why I no longer drink, but still love it so), hot dogs, the fight for liberty, the Red Sox and, most of all, myself (not necessarily in that order). I try to live a life filled with adventure, and this is where I write about those adventures. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading about my life as I have had living it. Be sure to follow me on twitter by clicking here and hitting that follow button, “Like” me on Facebook by placing your mouse over this and pressing down, and if you want to just chat click here. I look forward to delivering you many more stories over the years.

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