Guide To Feeding A Baby

So you had a baby? Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy will surely never be a disappointment to you or anyone else because, as you already know, your child is special! In order to ensure that your child grows healthy and strong over the next couple of months he or she will need all of the special nutrients and vitamins that are only available from the baby’s mother herself, and in this case, that person is YOU! I can understand the trepidation that you may be feeling about breastfeeding your child but fear not; women have been doing this for dozens of years, maybe even longer. Continue reading Guide To Feeding A Baby

My Dinner With Jerry

I grew up in a suburb of the District of Columbia, a conservative city, with conservative parents, in a predominately white district. My life was pretty sheltered to many of the things that were going on in the world around me. In fact, I had no idea that people were other religions besides Christian. I couldn’t comprehend that people didn’t believe in God, or thought there was another God than the one I heard about every Sunday. I lived in the same bubble that many people in my town did, and to us this was a very normal and natural thing. That is why when I chose my interviewee I chose Jerry Maynard. Jerry was born in the late 1960s in a predominately black neighborhood, and grew up in a liberal household, in a liberal neighborhood. He is the exact opposite of the life I have lived, and even though we are so very different, I respect him and consider him a friend. I thought that with the two exceptionally different subcultures colliding and still finding a way to coexist, he would be the perfect person to interview on his views of how the world has changed since he was a child, and grew up in a country of division and bigotry. Continue reading My Dinner With Jerry

Harlen Simple Band Bio

Founding members of Harlen Simple, guitar player Erick Thomas, and front man, Travis Williams started out small playing open mic nights at local bars in Manassas, Virginia during the summer of 2001. Performing primarily covers of songs mainly from the 60’s to the 90’s the band honed their sound and started to develop a strong following in the Manassas bar scene. Continue reading Harlen Simple Band Bio

Pam Bondi’s Views on “Timely Justice Act” Only Valid When Her Schedule Allows

On the morning of September 8th, 2013, an Ohioan mother who had been dealt the worst blow any parent could have lived through, woke up knowing that her daughter’s murder would finally be vindicated. This knowledge would quickly get dashed though. Soon she would get word that the execution of her daughter’s killer would be stayed for the, now, third time. Heartbroken and confused, she asked what the reason behind the next in a series of postponements, which had only gone on to increase her stress and remind her of the terrible pain she had endured and been living with since she heard the news of her daughter’s vicious murder. Certainly this was another legal issue. Another lawyer had put into question the sanity of the murderer, or something along those lines, just as with the other delays. Not this time, though. This time it was for another reason. This time was for a reason that made less sense than any of the other excuses she had heard leading up to the day. She had no idea what to say when she was told that the Attorney General had requested for the Governor to stay the execution so she could attend a fundraising event meant to fund her reelection campaign…in November of 2014. Continue reading Pam Bondi’s Views on “Timely Justice Act” Only Valid When Her Schedule Allows