The Great-Grandson of a Rainmaker

(*Sally, this story is theoretically okay for you to read. Don’t blame yourself, blame the DNA I got from this guy*)

My grandfather, Richard Rulon Wright, was a proud man. He had lived through the depression having to drop out of school at a young age to get a job and make money to help support his mom and himself, since he never really knew his father at least on a father/son relationship level. He was lucky enough to say he had sired four boys (yes, I said sired. I never thought I would have a chance to use that word), my dad, and my three uncles. He was alive to see the birth of not only the other 9 grandchildren and the 7 great-grandchildren but also the birth of me. In which that last one would truly be the real blessing. Continue reading The Great-Grandson of a Rainmaker

My First Jack and Coke

(*Sally this is mostly readable, per Carter, but not entirely since the story you heard had some very edited lines. So when you get to quotations proceed with caution*)

As I regularly talk about, I enjoy the occasional (multiple and daily) drink.  Although that didn’t become a regular thing in my life until I was a few years past my 21st birthday. I wasn’t a fan of the taste of beer, liquor, or anything really. I was, on the other hand, a huge fan of smoking pot. This probably explains why I wasn’t a huge drinker at the time. I would get high, then I would sit on the couch, debating whether or not I should go to the store to get beer, or if I should just sit there playing Tony Hawk on my PlayStation. Tony Hawk won on a regular basis.

I do remember one day I was “in the mood to drink” and on my way home from work I picked up a case of Corona. I still had that case a month later with only three out of the almost pristine packaging. Obviously, I was not a huge drinker at the time.

Continue reading My First Jack and Coke

Best Flight Ever

(*Sally, this story is ok for you to read. I’m running out of ones that will embarrass you for raising me*)

As I dropped my friend off at the airport this afternoon so he would be able to spend the holiday season with his family, leaving me here in Nashville all by my lonesome (seriously, what am I supposed to do now, Nate?), I was reminded of a story I promised someone I would write and never got around to it. So, since Nate wants me to write a story about one of our experiences and he just left for the holidays and I don’t have anyone to hang out with tonight I am going to tell the story about a girl I basically don’t remember at all (no, this isn’t like the girl whose name I don’t remember. This one’s different. I know her name.). Continue reading Best Flight Ever

Always Be Thankful You Know Me

(*Sally, you may read this story since you have already heard this story a few times. I think the important part here is, “I was not driving this particular night.”*)

Yes, I understand how terribly arrogant the title sounds (and for anyone who knows me this probably makes perfect sense). But it is exceptionally true people should be thankful they know me (and yes, you know I am referring to you). Not only because of my winning personality and wonderful demeanor but also due to the fact I have the ability to save people not only from themselves, but also differing law enforcement agencies. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but a precedent has been set in my past and all I would like in return for my uncanny ability to make friends is some gratitude when I help a person out. Continue reading Always Be Thankful You Know Me