Bill Wohlsifer’s Platform (2014 Elections)

Bill Wohlsifer, Floridas first Libertarian candidate for Attorney General, is working hard to make history, not only in Florida, but America as well. With every campaign stop he makes, he gains in the polls, and this has the other two candidates afraid of the little engine that will.

 After an excellent showing in the Attorney General debate this week Mr. Wohlsifer outlined the issues he wants to focus on in the first of the two terms he will serve as Floridas top arbitrator. 

As his first act, Mr. Wohlsifer will remove all cannabis from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances List. As the author of the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, Mr. Wohlsifer has worked closely with cannabis groups in attempts to ease the pain of many Floridians who are suffering due to pains and illnesses who are not receiving the best available treatment due to restrictions on cannabis. He is a strong advocate of patients rights, and the freedom to choose the medical path best suited for them.

Mr. Wohlsifer will also completely remove hemp (cannabis with THC levels of .3% or below) from the Controlled Substances List, as stated on the Hemp4Water site, which outlines his plan to use industrial hemp to cultivate Floridas economy, and raise money to keep Floridas waterways clean. 

In addition to rescheduling all cannabis on the controlled substances list, including removing hemp all together, Mr. Wohlsifer is a long-standing advocate of equality for all Floridians and has reminded people that the Libertarian Party has been a proponent of marriage equality since its inception in 1972. It was an important aspect to the platform and continues to be to this day. 

As a staunch supporter of the little guy” or underdog” Mr. Wohlsifer supports equality and liberty for all Floridians. He will work to protect their civil liberties as well as preserve their parental authority. He will fight against fraud, both in the private sector, and in our government by preserving the ability to access public records and ensure access to an open and transparent government. He promises to maintain the sovereignty of Florida by protecting its citizens from the overreaching federal encroachment on the rights reserved to the states by the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

Bill Wohlsifer, who is the best choice for Attorney General, will go to bat for Floridians to protect them and their freedoms. 

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