End The War On Drugs

The War on Drugs has failed. There is simply no other way to put it. America has been dealing with over 70 years of prohibition and all that has truly been achieved is the increased influx of children illegally crossing America’s southernmost borders, and increased funding for excessively militarized police forces through federal grants. It is time that America calls an end to the drug war, and instead changes their approach for the betterment of society. Continue reading End The War On Drugs

Pam Bondi’s Views on “Timely Justice Act” Only Valid When Her Schedule Allows

On the morning of September 8th, 2013, an Ohioan mother who had been dealt the worst blow any parent could have lived through, woke up knowing that her daughter’s murder would finally be vindicated. This knowledge would quickly get dashed though. Soon she would get word that the execution of her daughter’s killer would be stayed for the, now, third time. Heartbroken and confused, she asked what the reason behind the next in a series of postponements, which had only gone on to increase her stress and remind her of the terrible pain she had endured and been living with since she heard the news of her daughter’s vicious murder. Certainly this was another legal issue. Another lawyer had put into question the sanity of the murderer, or something along those lines, just as with the other delays. Not this time, though. This time it was for another reason. This time was for a reason that made less sense than any of the other excuses she had heard leading up to the day. She had no idea what to say when she was told that the Attorney General had requested for the Governor to stay the execution so she could attend a fundraising event meant to fund her reelection campaign…in November of 2014. Continue reading Pam Bondi’s Views on “Timely Justice Act” Only Valid When Her Schedule Allows

Against All Odds

Bill Wohlsifer (LPF), candidate for Attorney General in the state of Florida, knows he is looked at as the quintessential underdog by most Floridians. He is a third party candidate in a political system that has been largely run by the two behemoth parties for basically all of American history. 

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Response to David Jolly’s Op-Ed on Medical Marijuana

(This was a response from the 2014 Mid-Term Elections)

This weekend David Jolly released an op-ed asking Florida voters to vote against Amendment 2 on the November ballot. Mr. Jolly states there is no evidence marijuana has any medical benefit, going so far as to state the “vast majority of doctors” are against medical marijuana. He states these as facts, failing to provide figures as to what constitutes a vast majority, nor citing sources for his claims, assuming the typical voter will read his op-ed and accept it as all out truth.

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Hypocrisy and a Bill to Remove Floridians Freedoms

It was not terribly long ago that the Attorney General of the state of Florida thumbed her nose at the will and desires of her constituents and said, “Whether the [Medical Marijuana] Amendment passes or not, the medical use of marijuana is a federal criminal offense.” Ms. Bondi was stating the health choices and freedoms of the voting members of Florida did not matter to her. Ms. Bondi was going to enforce the Federal Government’s decision to back the Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifying marijuana as a Schedule I drug, no matter what the vote turned out. It did not matter that in almost the exact same breath she stated that she was not worried about what the federal government ruled on gay marriage, the law of Florida was that it was illegal, and she would uphold that law. Continue reading Hypocrisy and a Bill to Remove Floridians Freedoms

Republican or Democrat: Doesn’t Matter

There was a point in history when the politicians in this country wanted to protect the rights of the citizens who elected them into office. This has changed as the once obvious differences between the left and the right have blurred into an unrecognizable conglomerate of corporate cronies looking out for their own personal interests. This fact is apparent in every level of politics with what appears to be less and less of politicians doing anything for the public, but instead kowtowing to the largest endorsers while ignoring the desires and the needs of the people. In Florida this has been shown to be true over and over again by the people who claim to represent the general public.

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Kava and Kratum: New Options for Florida’s Health Freedom

There has been a new fad that has been sweeping the nation in recent years. This is the recent fad of kava bars opening up in cities nationwide, many of them to great fanfare and with a base of regulars already waiting at the wings. What is it about this new trend that has so many people jumping at the chance to drink what could possibly be just the next in a line of short-lived trends that never seem to grab hold of the general public, like oxygen-bars, or nap-pods?  Continue reading Kava and Kratum: New Options for Florida’s Health Freedom