Bill Wohlsifer’s Platform (2014 Elections)

Bill Wohlsifer, Floridas first Libertarian candidate for Attorney General, is working hard to make history, not only in Florida, but America as well. With every campaign stop he makes, he gains in the polls, and this has the other two candidates afraid of the little engine that will. Continue reading Bill Wohlsifer’s Platform (2014 Elections)

Letter to the League of Women Voters

Voters used to care if candidates received equal billing at election time, but those days seem long passed.  We the people have fallen into a disastrous pattern of a two party system, where even the people who clamor on about wanting equality fail to demand equality. In fact, they even defend inequality and have loaded voters with an arsenal of excuses on why they must vote for one of the two parties. Continue reading Letter to the League of Women Voters

First Dates, Debates and Flood Insurance

I was sitting in the St. Petersburg Community Church for the Disston Heights Civic Association, next to a girl. We were out on our first official date. It was the oddest first date I had ever been on not only because we were at the St. Petersburg Community Church and I am a confirmed agnostic who stopped going to church sometime in the late 90s, but also because we were there for a debate between the candidates running in the special election for congressional district 13 in Florida. Yes, it’s true. I brought a first date to a debate. I am that into politics now. The debate was between Republican David Jolly, and Libertarian Lucas Overby. (Democrat Alex Sink was invited but declined the invitation. After seeing her performance in the first debate between the candidates, I can’t really say I blame her much). I was personally interested in this particular match up because I was raised in a very Conservative household but in recent years had begun to sway more to the left on specific issues. I was curious if I would end up siding with the party I was raised to believe in or the party I had started following more and more as I continued to grow. 

Continue reading First Dates, Debates and Flood Insurance