Kochs Fund Train Wreck of Duopoly

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Over the weekend America’s favorite political meddlers threw a huge party in order to gain a better idea on which candidate’s campaign in the 2016 election they will be donating nearly $900 million. The Libertarian leaning brothers who founded the advocacy group FreedomWorks, always have their hands in the political arena, and are once again attempting to shape elections in the hopes of making America a freer nation. Unfortunately, the brothers, by their own admission, are not donating money to a candidate who can actually make a positive difference.

Charles Koch has stated that he sees campaigning as empty promises being made to the nation, with a lot of favors needing to be paid back once the Presidential office has been won. This leads to, as he says, the promises made to the nation falling by the wayside, while corporate welfare, and cronyism grow, resulting in destructive legislation which ends with the more disadvantaged being hurt the most.

Charles also admits that the two parties are essentially identical, with the train heading off the cliff with either party in control. He says that the “Democrats are taking us down the road to serfdom at 100 miles per hour, and I think the Republicans are taking us at 70 miles per hour. “If we can have a candidate like Calvin Coolidge that would reverse that trajectory…I would shout it to the world. But I haven’t seen that yet.”

The reason he hasn’t seen a candidate like Calvin yet is because the candidates in attendance were Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former CEO Carly Fiorina, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and oligarchic candidate, former Florida Gov. “Jeb” Bush, none of whom are that discernible from any other candidate over the last 20 years. All of the candidates came from the GOP, as do all of the Kochs’ donees, even though the brothers consistently claim they subscribe to a Libertarian viewpoint. The GOP token “libertarian” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was invited to attend but declined to appear at the event.

While the brothers claim to understand they will not find a candidate who they agree with on 100% the issues they continually search the GOP bullpen for someone they can get behind. In doing so they continue to push the current system of duopoly we have in this nation, which by their own admission isn’t working. The difference between being hit by a car going 100 mph, and one doing 70 mph is minute with the same outcome probably resulting either way…a painful death, filled with internal hemorrhaging.

If the brothers wanted to make an actual difference in the country they would stop throwing obscene amounts of money into a broken duopoly. Instead they should look at all of the candidates running, including third party candidates (which David Koch was the VP nominee of a third party in 1980), and back the candidate who agrees with them on the most issues.

They are looking to make a difference in the world. Perhaps the best way they can do that is to help us end the suffocating system that will eventually end with the country in shambles, instead of perpetuating it with nearly a billion dollars in campaign contributions.

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