New Book Available

Today marks a wonderful day in history. The book I wrote while I was attempting to end my attachment to cocaine, heroin, and a whole glossary of other drugs has finally made it through edit after edit, rewrite after rewrite, argument with editor after argument with editor, and is available for purchase to the public.

For those of you who enjoy reading the old fashioned book, where you get to feel the spine crack for the very first time, smell the pages, have the physical enjoyment of turning each page as you get closer and closer to the end, click this link here.

For those of you who prefer the more portable version that you can carry on your tablet, e-reader, smart phone, or computer with a virtual library of other books, click here.

Enjoy the book and if you email me for instruction on how to send me the book I will be happy to autograph it for you.

Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy every word of my pain.

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