Republican or Democrat: Doesn’t Matter

There was a point in history when the politicians in this country wanted to protect the rights of the citizens who elected them into office. This has changed as the once obvious differences between the left and the right have blurred into an unrecognizable conglomerate of corporate cronies looking out for their own personal interests. This fact is apparent in every level of politics with what appears to be less and less of politicians doing anything for the public, but instead kowtowing to the largest endorsers while ignoring the desires and the needs of the people. In Florida this has been shown to be true over and over again by the people who claim to represent the general public.

If their claims of representing what the general public wanted were accurate it would be impossible for them to ignore the massive majority they claim have no argument when it comes to the issue of medical marijuana. In Florida, it doesn’t matter if their is an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ after their name, the politicians are being quoted as saying they disagree with the 88 percent of the state’s citizens who think medical marijuana should be legal. With an undeniable majority in favor of this change, who are the politicians actually representing?

The current Attorney General, Pam Bondi (R), has stated that “Whether the Amendment passes or not, the medical use of marijuana is a federal criminal offense.” She is hiding behind decisions made by the Federal Government in a time period where it was purported that marijuana made people violent and overtly sexual. This is just hypocritical of her though, as later on she would go on to state that a federal ruling should not be able to alter a state’s laws when it comes to the subject of gay marriage. To hide behind the federal government’s rules when it is convenient for your opinions, and then deny them when you disagree with their decisions is the sort of inconsistency the American people have grown tired of in recent years.

To make matters worse, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) (who recently voted, along with Congressman David Jolly (R), to continue the unconstitutional NSA domestic spying programs), the chair of DNC, said she was not in support of the proposed Amendment to the Florida constitution. She even went as far as to vote against legislation that would effectively stop the Drug Enforcement Agency from enforcing federal cannabis laws in the states that have legalized it for medical or recreational reasons, getting her the moniker of one of the “out of touch” Democrats in congress by medical marijuana advocates, Americans for Safe Access.

Bill Wohlsifer, the Libertarian candidate for Attorney General in Florida, has been on the side of freedom for the citizens of Florida long before he decided to run for office. He was the author of the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act in 2012, which an amended version is currently in committee and under review. Mr. Wohlsifer has consistently pushed for the freedoms of all Floridians, and hasn’t changed his positions on issues based on the letter in the parenthetical behind his name. In a time when politician’s opinions on issues sway with an unseen wind that is not originating from the voice of public opinion, it is good to see one who is unwavering in his beliefs.

People of America have grown tired of the hypocrisy of their politicians. They are indeed looking for a change from the state to the federal levels. While it’s easy for the Republicans and the Democrats to say they are the “lesser of two evils” and we should be voting for them based on this fact alone, they have forgotten one of the most fundamental rules in life; anything worth having in life does not come easy. The freedom we one time possessed in this country, that has been slowly stripped away from us by bureaucrats, corporate cronyism, and a general belief that the government is wiser than the general population, is worth having. Is it not worth making a hard (albeit, right) decision at the voting booth this November to gain a portion of that freedom back? John Stark famously said, “Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils” meaning that death is a more welcome outcome than losing our freedoms. This November we should all vote to get our freedoms back.

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