The Third Rule I have Learned From My Failed Relationships

(Sally, just skip this. Just don’t even read this. Don’t even think about this one. This above all else. Since I know you have ignored my other warnings and just won’t admit it to me, trust me, don’t read this. You don’t want any of this in your head. Please, please, please do not ignore this warning)

For anyone else who is still reading this story I will warn you this is a little graphic (not 50 Shades of Bullshit graphic, but graphic). Also this story is exceptionally embarrassing for not only myself but the other person involved with the very important life lesson that is set forth. As per usual I will be changing her name to protect her identity and I do hope if she ever reads this story she will forgive me for telling this story because as hilarious as I found it she did not want this story to come out. She and I are not very close anymore and I’m certain that she already hates me so I may as well go for gold on this one. Please enjoy our pain. Continue reading The Third Rule I have Learned From My Failed Relationships

Best Flight Ever

(*Sally, this story is ok for you to read. I’m running out of ones that will embarrass you for raising me*)

As I dropped my friend off at the airport this afternoon so he would be able to spend the holiday season with his family, leaving me here in Nashville all by my lonesome (seriously, what am I supposed to do now, Nate?), I was reminded of a story I promised someone I would write and never got around to it. So, since Nate wants me to write a story about one of our experiences and he just left for the holidays and I don’t have anyone to hang out with tonight I am going to tell the story about a girl I basically don’t remember at all (no, this isn’t like the girl whose name I don’t remember. This one’s different. I know her name.). Continue reading Best Flight Ever