That Guy

(*Sally: While this story has me doing a public service and attempting to be the chivalrous son you always wished I could be, it has lots of language and honesty about things I have done in the past. Skip it. But trust me when I say, “I did the right thing.”)

I just recently moved from Nashville, TN to the St. Petersburg area of Florida. It was difficult for me to just pick up and leave all of my friends in Nashville, as I have documented in the story I posted here, but as I like to say often is one thing leads to another. Every decision I have ever made has brought me here. Because of the decisions I made throughout my life I have this story to regale you with. This isn’t one of my best stories. It’s not even really that great. I didn’t learn anything from this, but I do feel it is a worthy enough story to pass along. I feel this way mainly because I am pretty sure I met the douchiest guy alive. This guy was so bad I told a condensed version of this story to my dad and he laughed out loud at the story. I texted a very condensed version of this story to a friend of mine and she noted that guys can be such pigs (She’s right. We can be). This is the story about “That Guy”.

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